What is the SOLLA Care Advice Standard?

The SOLLA Care Advice Standard enables people to find quality assured information and advice. It provides consistency of information and advice on how an adult care need is identified, met and funded. 

Who is the SOLLA Care Advice Standard for?

The SOLLA Care Advice Standard is for those actively involved in the provision of information and advice for adult care and housing. The SOLLA Care Advice Standard gives independent recognition and helps the public to identify those who will be able to provide quality assured information and advice.

The SOLLA Care Advice Standard is awarded to an individual rather than an organisation.

Minimum requirements

In order to achieve the SOLLA Care Advice Standard, you must:

The standards 

Standard 1 - Qualification
You must have achieved the Care Adviser Award™. This 3 hour online exam is to evidence knowledge and understanding of information and advice on choosing and paying for adult care and an assessment of the required knowledge for the SOLLA Care Advice Standard. The award consists of two parts:

  • Section one: a 50 multiple choice questionnaire (must be completed within one hour)
  • Section two: two case study exercises (to be completed in two hours)

The Multiple Choice Questionnaire section is scored online once completed and submitted. The case study tasks are externally assessed and verified by a City and Guilds approved assessor. To pass you must achieve at least 75% on both parts. 

Topics covered are: 

  • Choosing Care for adults: Types of care, housing options, local community resources and appropriate sign-posting/referrals, including how to access help from the Local Authority and raise safeguarding concerns.
  • Funding Care for adults: Benefit entitlement, NHS and Local Authority funding, accessing care for an adult in need, raising safeguarding and deprivation of liberty concerns, identifying a need for legal advice and financial advice from a SOLLA accredited member.

Standard 2 - Maintaining your professional development and knowledge
You must continue to maintain your competence and undertake an annual online assessment. Training opportunities, including refresher workshops related to care information and advice, will be available through SOLLA learning and development, as appropriate.

Standard 3 - Agree to abide by a code of good practice
The ’Code of good practice’ supports and reflects the values, behaviour, conduct and working practices expected of  those who have achieved the SOLLA Care Advice Standard.

Benefits for standard holders 

SOLLA support with a range of benefits and resources to help advisers stay up to date and connected with later life advice: ‚Äč

  • A clear demonstrattion of having achieved a higher standard with the SOLLA CAS badge and designation
  • Your details will be available on the SOLLA CAS website
  • Use of the SOLLA CAS logo for your marketing purposes
  • Regular newsletters, communications, information, press releases and updates about the later life market, including industry and legislative updates, social care, health and welfare issues
  • Access to specific training courses on older client matters, at preferential membership rates
  • Access to your local regional SOLLA network and the LinkedIn discussion forum, giving support from peer group
  • Access to the members area of the SOLLA website, giving details about your membership, and other useful documents and information

Application Process 

To apply for the SOLLA Care Advice Standard: 

  1. Pass the Care Adviser Award 
  2. Complete the SOLLA Care Advice Standard application form
  3. Your application will be reviewed and your Care Adviser Award verifed, and we will confirm your achievement of the SOLLA Care Advice Standard within one week, subject to any requirments for furhter information to be submitted. 


First year - application and registration 
Care Adviser Award exam fee - £175
SOLLA Care Advice Standard application fee - £175 plus VAT

Annual renewal 
Care Adviser Award annual update fee - £29.99
SOLLA Care Advice Standard annual renewal fee - £125 plus VAT

Queries or questions? 

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact us at info@sollacare.co.uk or telephone 0333 2020 456.